The Manila International Airport (MIA) project is a greenfield development aimed at serving the growing air traffic demands in the Greater Capital Region of Manila and will provide relief for the over congested  air traffic operations at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Approximately 1,700 hectares of land will be developed for the MIA airport, located around 20 kilometers north from the heart of Metro Manila. The land development project meets the highest technical and environmental standards to withstand potential large earthquakes, local typhoons and future sea level rise.
The government of the Philippines has granted a 50-year concession to San Miguel Aerocity Inc (SMAI), a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) infrastructure arm, to build, operate and maintain the airport.

Boskalis Philippines received a Letter of Confirmation late 2020 from SMAI for the land development activities. For the dredging activities, which will span over a period of three years, Boskalis will deploy a number of trailing suction hopper dredgers. Boskalis has a rich tradition in creating land all over the world to the highest technical and environmental standards. During the construction phase, Boskalis will contribute to the local economy and the new airport will bring further socio-economic growth to the greater Manila region.

Access channel website

Before the land development activities can commence, marine access to the site is necessary requiring the dredging of an access channel. This access channel is also required for the construction of the airport in terms of supply of goods and material. This website provides information related to the development of the access channel. A comprehensive website for the development of the airport itself will be developed in due course.

The access channel will run from the future location of MIA towards the west into the Manila Bay. The current water depth ranges from 50 centimeters to the desired depth of 15 meters. The access channel will be approximately 15 kilometers long, 250 meters wide with a depth of 16 meters.